Arianna Pathammavong oral history interview, 2019-03-11

Georgia Institute of Technology Library
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´╗┐RICHA VIRMANI: It's Monday, March 11th, and we're in the Archives Reading Room, and I'm interviewing Arianna on her 2261 final project. So, what's your full name?

ARIANNA PATHAMMAVONG: Hello. I'm Arianna Pathammavong. I'm a third year here at Georgia Tech, and I'm a Computational Media major.

VIRMANI: What was the name of your game, and can you give us a brief description of it?

PATHAMMAVONG: So the game that I created for my CS class was Cooking Mama: Food Fight. I was inspired by the NeoPets Ice Cream game, where you have to dodge items. But in this case, you just collect them. And then, there's effects--if you get hit by them, your lives will go down, things like that--very simple.

VIRMANI: And what was your inspiration behind it?

PATHAMMAVONG: That was the NeoPets Ice Cream game that I mentioned. It's something I played a lot as a kid on the computer. So I was like yes, I want to do this.

VIRMANI: Tell me about one memory you have of using technology as a kid, that 00:01:00made you want to do CM [Computational Media] in college.

PATHAMMAVONG: Okay, hold on...I played on my Nintendo DS a lot as a kid. And just things like the Super Mario Bros. game, that was always really cool. And just in general, graphic design stuff--I was always interested in. And so, that's what made me really want to switch to CM--because it allows you to be more creative than CS and just straight coding, things like that.

VIRMANI: What's one aspiration you have for your future at Tech or after Tech?



PATHAMMAVONG: I would love to be on the design team of a large company that's food-based--like Bon App├ętit or Tasty.

VIRMANI: Ooo Tasty!

PATHAMMAVONG: That's like my dream job, yeah.

VIRMANI: Well, that was all. Thank you so much.